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best web design company in bangladesh

The best web design company in Bangladesh

At present, there is so much demand for web design and web development that it cannot be overstated. If you can be a good quality web designer, you don’t have to run after money, money will run after you. There is a lot of demand for a good quality web designer in different online marketplaces. At the same time, if you can become a skilled web developer, success will not matter to you.

What are a web design and web development? Should I pursue a career as a web designer or as a web developer? What is the difference between both? How and where to learn web design and development? What does it take to learn web design and development or how long does it take? How can you earn money by learning web design and development?

 In today’s post, we will discuss all these topics.

best web design company in Bangladesh

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What is web design?

What a website usually looks like depends on the web design. And a little analysis can be done to see what the logo will look like on the website, where the logo will sit, what will be the color of the website, what will be the menu bar, the sidebar of the website will not be left or right, what will be the font size of the post, where will be the place for advertising, etc works are done through eCommerce website development.

 That is, what a website will look like externally is determined by web design.

Types of  websites:

There are usually two types of websites for the convenience of work. Such as-

  • Static website
  • Dynamic website

Static website:

Static websites do not have any kind of admin panel. That means you have to use coding to work. Even when writing a post, you have to put it inside the HTML code. At present the circulation of such websites is very low.

Dynamic website:

There is basically an admin panel to work with a dynamic website. Basically, a dynamic website is created through web development. Coding is not required for such a website to work normally.

Take Google Blogger as an example. Google Blogger has created a dynamic website through web-development. And we are able to use it to share any type of post directly without any kind of coding knowledge. A dynamic website is a process of controlling website design, content management, or content writing through the admin panel without any coding knowledge.


What is website development?

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Web development is the process of making every piece of design that a web designer makes functional and dynamic. In a word, web development is the lifeblood of a website. A website is divided into three parts such as design or template, content management system, and database.

A web developer keeps the whole system active and dynamic by combining these three things. The job of a web developer is to make all the features of the application functional and dynamic by controlling the data processing, database control, security build, user and admin capabilities, and control the functionality and usability of the whole system. 

If you want to be a skilled web developer you need to have detailed knowledge about PHP, MySQL as well as html and css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap. Those who do this web development work are called web developers.

Types of Web Developers:

Web developers can usually be divided into three categories according to the type of work.E.g.-


Front end developer 

Such developers only design the exterior of a website. When a client asks a front end developer to create a website with a specific design, such developers know the design of the website from their client and design the website only through html and css. Such developers do not make the website functional.


Back end developer 

Usually, these developers Create an admin panel with the design codes for a website from front end developers. After creating the admin panel, you don’t have to change the design of that website or write new posts. That is, a back-end developer converts a website into a dynamic website. It should be noted here that a back end developer has to have a thorough knowledge of front end development.

For back-end development, you must know more different types of coding including html and css, javascript, jquery, bootstrap, PHP, python. You can’t do back-end development without full knowledge about all those issues


Full-stack developer

A developer who can do both front-end development and back-end development work together is called a full-stack web developer. Such developers are very experienced in the work of web development and web design. Moreover, such web developers are in great demand in the online and offline marketplace. 

What do you need to learn to become a web developer?

If you want to be a skilled web developer, you must have a detailed knowledge of many types of programming languages. If you are fluent in all of the following programming languages, you can become an experienced web developer.



Html means hypertext markup language. Different parts of a website are marked by HTML. The header, footer, sidebar, etc. of a website are determined by the HTML.



XML means Extensible markup language. It’s a markup language like HTML but works a little differently. Like HTML, there are elements, there are attributes. Using these, an XML document is created.

 However, elements / tags can be specified in HTML (e.g.-Body,H1 etc) and customized elements / tags can be created in XML. One of the major differences between HTML and XML is that the attribute in XML can be used to describe what data is inside the element, but HTML does not have such a feature.



CSS means Cascading style sheets. By HTML you have to design the part of a website that you have shared with CSS that part of the whole website. You need to learn CSS to do all the design work, including the size of each part of your website, the color of each part, the size of the image, and the font size or style of fonts.


Responsive Design: 

This is a part of CSS. Responsive design work is to make a website suitable for use on all types of devices(Desktop, Laptop, Tab, and Mobile). You can easily learn this job if you are experienced with CSS.


Javascript & Jquery: 

A website is interactive with JavaScript and JQuery. For example, when someone likes and comments on your post on Facebook, you get a notification. This work is called interactive. To do this you must learn JavaScript and JQuery.

 Moreover, you will need JavaScript and JQuery to make your website functional by creating different types of slide shows, login forms, email forms.



Bootstrap is a very popular front-in framework. It can make a website a very gorgeous look. Most clients side require Bootstrap to design their website. Learning Bootstrap will be much easier for you after learning HTML CSS JavaScript and JQuery.



You must learn PHP to make a website dynamic or functional. Basically, PHP is used to create a website admin panel. Websites that are generally more functional or dynamic have a higher demand for themes.

In addition to the above, you need to gain knowledge about WordPress, Git, UI Design or UX Design, Photoshop, Graphics Design, Web apps, Design process, SEO. Only then you can become a skilled web developer. 

best web design company in bangladesh


Learn how: best web design company in bangladesh

Learn how: Best web design company in Bangladesh

Now the question may arise in your mind where do you learn the above topics?

If you are interested in learning, you can first get a basic idea about web design in a variety of ways. If you want to learn web design online, you can learn from w3schools. Here are all the tutorial examples of web design and web development. There are also many tutorial videos on web design and web development available on YouTube.

Web development career:

Finally, If you are a skilled web developer or web designer you can choose a web development career. A skilled web developer can earn millions of money from online or offline marketplaces. We are best web design company in Bangladesh so you can contact us for any help.

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